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“Raw stuff feels more intimate”: Interview with Bound composer Oleg ‘Heinali’ Shpudeiko Interviews 

“Raw stuff feels more intimate”: Interview with Bound composer Oleg ‘Heinali’ Shpudeiko

Ukranian musician Oleg Shpudeiko (aka Heinali) was enlisted by developers Plastic to compose the soundtrack for Bound, a breathtaking and unique blend of dance, art and music. We have already shared our thoughts on this wonderful gaming experience, but wanted to hear from Shpudeiko about the creative process behind the game’s soundtrack. What was your introduction to making music? Who inspired you? It was a sudden thing. I didn’t have any music background, any music education and I don’t think I was really interested in writing music before I started, back…

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140: Double-edged soundtrack Features 

140: Double-edged soundtrack

Place two fingers on your neck and feel your pulse. Got it? Should be running steadily at about a beat per second, maybe a little more. Any faster than that and you’ve got some form of tachycardia. That is unless you’ve just gone for a jog, or had some exuberant sex – or just completed a boss level in 140. Although it debuted on PC several years ago, 140 rolled onto consoles this week with Double Fine on publisher duties. 140 is a no-frills platform game. Its sparse Atari 2600…

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Bound: The Missing Pieces Features 

Bound: The Missing Pieces

There’s a line by British rapper Mike Skinner which is pretty old at this point, but holds some truth when it comes to Bound: “You’re fit, by my gosh don’t you know it.” It’s a damn good looking game alright, and features a broad catalogue of art forms: contemporary ballet, abstract sculpture, even children’s drawings. Development studio Plastic is confident enough in Bound’s beauty to include a photo mode, offering a level of creative control normally reserved for car porn games like Forza. Adjust the depth of field, exposure levels…

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